Monday, October 24, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting.

I have another appointment tomorrow. I am hoping to find something out. I would like to know if little Miss Gabby will be making an early arrival or not. My poor body has gone crazy and I don't think it knows what to do.

I have had a horrible headache for at least a week or so. I decided on Saturday that I should go get it checked out and make sure my blood pressure wasn't to high. I was feeling like I was going to pass out our of nowhere. I got to L&D and they hooked me up to monitors. My BP was far from high. It stayed around 105/47 the whole time. I don't think I have ever seen my BP that low. Probably why I felt like I was going to pass out. The weird thing was that, even though my BP was down, my heart rate stayed around 100. I think the bed rest makes my BP plummet, but being up and around makes is jump to high.

I don't know what Dr. H is going to do know, but I hope he tells me something tomorrow. By then he should have my test results and know what happened over the weekend. I still have the headache also. I guess we will see what my BP is running tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back to the Hopsital

Went to my appointment yesterday. My blood pressure was up again and there was still protein in my urine. They sent me back over the the hospital. They were going to make me stay the night, but after about 4 hours, they went ahead and sent me home on bedrest and 24hr urine catch. Dr. H said that if my results came back within range, that they will give me some meds for my blood pressure. If they come back high, we will start talking about delivery of baby Gabby.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hospital Visit

So I went to my doctors appointment yesterday and my blood pressure was a little high, I had protein in my urine, and I was a little swollen. The doctor didn't like it, so he sent me over to the hospital for monitoring. Before I headed over there he said something about steroid shots, controlling, my blood pressure, and delivering early (We would give her a few weeks though).

I got to the hospital around 4 and got to leave around 5. All they said when I left is that baby looked good, blood pressure was back down, and to keep my next appointment. Which is in a week.

So now I go once a week, instead of every two weeks and Gabby may be here mid November instead of the end of November. I guess we shall see on the 18th and my appointment.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting Closer

I am now 32 weeks pregnant and only have 7 weeks left! I am so excited to meet this little girl and have my body back to myself for a little while. Here in the last month, I have had tons of Braxton Hicks (some pretty painful) and my feet and ankles have been swelling. The hip pain is starting to become unbearable also. Hopefully the doctor can do something at my appointment today.

We have finally got everything moved to the new apartment and mostly unpacked and arranged. Now just to get Gabby's stuff and put her little area of our room together. I still need so much and have little time or money. I know things will work out though and I am going to try not to stress over it.

I am in my third week of school and so far everything is going rather well. I have a high A in one class and a mid B in the other. I just have to keep up the momentum. I am so excited to do this and have a degree. Charlie was supposed to start with me but they had some financial aid issues and he got in late. He will start in December. Some good news is that most of his credits from ITT will transfer so he only has to take around 7 credit hours and he will be done with his Bachelor's degree!

As far as the kids go, they have been rotten lately. I think its a combination of their age, the move, and the upcoming baby. Plus I also babysit 3-4 days a week and they like to show off to the little girl. Hopefully once things settle down, that they will get back on track with behaving. I am proud to report that Eli is fully potty trained. He only has a few accidents here and there now. Now just to get Amelia to go to the toilet.

Things are going ok with her living with us. Her dog is starting to annoy us because he keeps coming in from outside and trying to pee in the floor. He is getting old so I don't know if he his having bladder issues or what, but it has got to stop.