Monday, June 29, 2009

Not the Greatest Weekend...

Well the weekend dint go so well. Friday night the car wouldn't start. The next morning we put it on a battery charger. On Saturday we cleaned and our friend called and said that we had to change the plans. Sunday Charlie's dad came over and tried to help is with the car because it still wouldnt start. We got a new battery and that didnt work either. So its either the starter or and electrical problem. So now I am carless, which really blows.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Under The Tree

You can read about Under the Tree here.

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye color:

Profession: SAHM

Relationship status:

My Favorites:

Favorite color:

Favorite movie: Mamma Mia

Favorite animal:

Favorite store:

Favorite childhood memory: Car rides with my mom

Favorite hobby:
Taking Pictures and Scrapbooking

Favorite song/singer: Jeremy Camp

Favorite book/author:
Nicholas Sparks

Favorite school subject:

Favorite vacation destination:
The Beach

Favorite food:
I have too many

Favorite restaurant:
Shing Kee-Chinese, Zios- Italian,
Cheddars-Home, On the Border-Mexican

This or That

Coke or pepsi :

Beer or wine:

Coffee or tea:

Apple Juice or O.J.: OJ

Summer or Winter:
Winter- I hate sweating and I can always put more clothe
on but can only take off so much

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Salty or sweet:

Plane or boat:

Morning or night:

Money or love: Love

Breakfast or dinner:
I dont eat breakfast often

Forgiveness or revenge:

House or apartment: House

Like to cook:

Have You Ever:

Got a speeding ticket:

Wished you were someone else:
At one time

Cried during a movie:

Describe yourself in one word:

Biggest fear:
My children dying before me.

Biggest mistake:
I dont really have any big mistakes

Your proudest accomplishment:
My children

Dream job: Photographer

Special talents: Listening

Where would you rather be at the moment: On vacation

Famous person you want to meet:
Jesus(and I will!)

Song to be played at your funeral:
I'm not really sure...If I died in the near future
I like the song "Sissy's Song" by Alan Jackson

Friday, June 26, 2009


Yesterday and today were pretty uneventful. Just the same routine. Charlie goes to work and the kids and I stay at home. Its been too hot to even go outside. We have been in the 100's all week.
I officially enrolled in college and I ordered my books for class today. I start on July 13th. I am so excited!
Tomorrow we are gonna spend a good part of the day deep cleaning. Then in the evening we are going to go to a friends house in Waggoner and stay the night. Then Sunday morning we are all going to get up and go to church.
Sunday evening we have Bible study and the Monday the week starts all over again.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Walking With You Week 2

Walking With You was created by Kelly to help support those who have lost a child. Together we share our stories, helpful information, scriptures, encouraging words, prayer requests, and more.

Week 2
After hearing that I was in the process of miscarrying there wasnt much left that I could do. My mom drove me back home and I set at my hubby work crying until he got home(I slept on the couch in the office some also). The rest of the week I just laid in bed and cried and hubby held me while he was home. After a week I decided that I needed to get up and get out. That it wasnt helping me to stay inside. I went back to school and applied for some jobs(since we had just moved and I didnt have one yet). Hubby and I talked it over and we dicided to TTC again. It took 9 months and we got pregnant around the time that are first one was due.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

We have been so busy the last few days. Sunday we went to the in-laws for Father's Day and the "birthday party". That was a lot of fun. I got to play with my nieces and nephews for a little while. After that we were supposed to go to Bible study, but I guess it got canceled because when we got there no on answered the door. Anyway, Monday was a usual day. Charlie went to work and the kids and I played at home. When Charlie got off work we went ate supper and went to church. Tuesday evening we took the little girl that had been stay with us home. Thank goodness! A month with an extra kids was enough. Today I officially enrolled in college. Starting July 13th, I will be taking classes on-line for a Bachelors in Photography. I am so excited! Well that's about is for now. Hope everyone else is doing good.

The Welch's

P.S. Potty training is going better. Over the weekend Eli took his diaper off and tried to put his little seat on the toilet. I put him up there and he went pee pee in the potty. I am so proud of him!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Having No Computer Sucks....

Well lets see... What has gone on since the last post? Let see...Thursday was the same ole same ole. Charlie went to work and the kids and I stayed home. Plus my computer completely crashed. Friday was pretty fun. Charlie went to work, while I payed bills. Then when he got off work we went to Tulsa for an office party.(Nice break from the kids) Got some grown up interaction and ate some pizza. Today has not been very productive. We all slept in and then Charlie did his school work while I played with the kids and had them help make is Father's Day gift. We went ahead and gave it to him today. The kids and I made him a t-shirt that said "Father's Day". It had their names with their foot and hand prints.I am looking forward to tomorrow. We are having a summer party for all the kids whose birthday is around Christmas(They all get gypped) and after that we have Bible study. Well, that about all for now. Catch you later!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today was pretty uneventful. My mom came and picked Eli up last night and he has his first sleepover away from home. That was nice. I didnt have to get up at 8 with him. Charlie went to work as usual and Amelia only woke up every once in a while for a bottle(So, I got to kind of sleep in until noon). Around noon I got up and ate some lunch. Then I decided to read. I have began the Twilight series(since my computer is broke). So far I really like it. I read until about 4, when my mom brought Eli back home. Charlie came home around 5:30 and I made supper. This kids and I played and Charlie did his school work. See what did I tell you, pretty uneventful. LOL

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Caught up...

Ok, well I think I have caught everyone up on the roller coaster of our life for the last 4 years. Is everyone still on track? Great! Now I can start keeping you updated on our current life.

Charlie and I are trying to start potty training Eli. (Not going so great.) We started Amelia on a little of baby food. She will eat 6oz of formula and still be hungry. (Its just not doing it for her). Not much else is going on with us. Charlie and I are going to a friends house this evening for dinner and some adult talk. I'm excited! Thats about it for now.

The Welch's

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Children

I remember the day we got the news...We were pregnant!
It was Wednesday July 12th, 2006. Charlie and I had been married for a total of 4 months. I told my hubby I thought I was pregnant and that we should get a test. He said no that we should wait another week. Well, I talked him to it anyway (I am very impatient). It immediately turned bright pink. I ran out of the bathroom so excited! The next day we went back to our hometown(we had moved to Tulsa at this point for school) and went to the doctor's office to have it confirmed. Sure enough, We were going to have a baby. We told his parents that night and told my mom the next night. Everyone was so excited. On Sunday morning, I started to have some cramping, but no bleeding, so I called my friend (Who worked for an OB.) and asked her what I should do. She said that I was probably dehydrated and that I should drink some water. The pain started getting worse and I started to panic and guzzle down the water. My mom was so excited that she was going to have a grand baby that we went to Wal-Mart to look at baby clothes. While we were there the pain intensified and had me folded over. I told my mom that I thought something was wrong and that we needed to go to the hospital. She said ok and we stopped by hubby's work to tell him what was going on. While there I went to the bathroom and looked down and there was blood everywhere. I started to bawl. I knew what was happening. I came out and told hubby that there was blood everywhere. My mom reassured him that everything would be ok and that if we needed him we would call. We left and headed to the hospital an hour away. When we got there, they got me in immediately. They doctor checked me and said that my cervix was open and that I was in the process of losing my baby. I thought to myself "I am not 'losing' my baby, he/she is dying". I was so scared in that hospital bed. All I wanted to do was call my husband, but they wouldn't let me get up. I felt so alone, angry, and sad.

We tried again for another one and it took 9 months of test after test and disappointment. On May 7th, 2007 that we were pregnant with Elijah Lee. I was so excited and scared all at once. We went that evening to Planned Parenthood to have it confirmed and it was positive. We called our families and told them that night. The following day we went back to work, only to find our hapiness was dented. We both got layed off from our jobs. We tried finding work, but there wasnt any. We had to move back to Vinita and move in with parents(really sucks after having your own freedom for a while). After a while Charlie's parents offered us a house the owned. It needed a lil work, but wasnt too bad. Well we had a huge ice storm that winter and it busted the lines from the house to the creek(where the water came from). We got that fixed and everything was going good. Well, then about a week later, all the pressure from the new pipes causes everything uinder the house to break. Back into the parents house it was. It was two month before Eli was due and we lived with my mom, had no baby bed, and very little space to put one. We finally cleaned out a spare room at moms and got a bed and put up before Eli came. On Wed. January 2nd, I went to one of my last apppointments. My blood pressure was high and I had started swelling. The doc was worried and put me on bed rest and wanted me to come back the next day(after a 24 hr pee test). Went back to the docs Thurs. the 3rd and my blood pressure was still high. The doctore comes back in and says that I am going to be induced at 5 am on Sat. the 5th. I get to the hospital Friday at 3pm. They hook me up to everything and start me on thinning meds. At 5 am Sat. morning they start the pitocin. By 11 oclock I was still feeling nothing,so they checked me. I was still at a 2 and still as thick as when I was admitted. They uped the pitocin some more and at 2pm my water finally broke. I started gettin contractions and they gave me some Stadol. By 5 pm the Stadol had worn off and I was filling it. I asked for an epidural and I got that about 6pm along with a catheder. They checked me and I was at a 5. They came in again at 7pm and I was still a 5 and his head was starting to swell. The doctor gave me another hour to dialate and said if I didnt, that I would need a c section. Guess what? I didnt dialate any more. They prepared me for surgery and wheeled me in. At 8:44pm Elijah Lee Welch was born. He was 7lbs and 19.3 in long. Elijah also had a little cone head.

Around May 10th we had a big surprise. I was pregnant again! I took a test and there was the plus sign again. Luckily by then we lived in our own little house( I didnt want my mom to know, yet). Went to the health department to have it comfirmed and it was a very light line. About a week later I started bleeding. Oh, no... Its happening again. I called my hubby at work and then called my mom to come pick me up. Charlie met me at the hospital and when we got in there they took some blood. The doctor came in a little bit later and said that I had no pregnancy hormones at all. That I probably caught my pregnancy at the end of a miscarriage. I was so upset. It happend to me again.

On July 3rd I still had not gotten my period back from miscarring so, I though I better take a trest. Lo and behold, another positive! Here I was again...ecxited and scared all at the same time. Scared at what the parents would say, that I would lose it again, and that we couldnt handle two little ones. Again we were off to the docs to have it confirmed. Yep, pregnant. Well, the little one bedroom house that we were living in was not going to be enough. We moved to a bigger house and got everything ready for two little ones. Everything with this pregnancy went great. We knew that we would have a repeat c section. On March 10th, 2009 at 8:25 am little Amelia Faith Welch was born. She was 6lbs 3.5oz and 19in long.

Our Engagment and Wedding...

From the moment we started dating we both knew that we were going to get married. We talked about from almost day one. The only problem was that I wasn't 18 yet, still in high school and we had a lot of ups and downs to work through. We had ex girlfriends trying to come back, my mother going through liking him to not liking him, me getting through my senior year and back again, and then just the typical relationship issues. After 9 months of the ups a downs we got engaged.
It was Monday July 25th, 2005, my 18th birthday. We went to Tulsa(the nearest town to us that actually has something to do) and went to dinner(at the Elephant Bar) and movie( The Island). After the movie we headed back to Vinita. Charlie made a detour off the road on the way home. We wound up on a dead in dirt road between to fields(his family owns the land) that over looked the lights of 5 towns. We got out of the truck and sat on the tailgate and talked and looked at the stars and town lights. Charlie got off of the tailgate and told me to stand up. He started shaking and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes.
Then 3 days after we got engaged my mom kicked me out(long story, if you wanna know you can ask) and I moved in with Charlie and his parents(talk about a kind of awkward situation). While living out there we set the date, his mom helped me plan our wedding, and we got our own apartment(Thank goodness).

This is my favorite engagement picture.

We got married March 18th, 2006 at 2:00 pm in the Cowboy Junction church. It was a fairly big wedding with about 300 guests. Our color theme was purples and whites. We had 4 bridesmaid and 4 groomsman. It turned out more beautiful than I thought(being in a church that looks like a barn on the inside). Here are a few pictures from that.

Dad walking me down the isle.

Saying our vows.

The kiss

The cake

The Story of How Charlie and I Got Together.

Charlie and I met through mutual friends. My friend Amanda was dating his friend Chisolm and we would all meet uptown and hang out. At the time I was 15 and in high school and Charlie was 20(almost 21). We were up town and Amanda and Chilsom had gotten into a fight and Amanda was hanging out with me. Chilsom pulled up in his truck with about 11 other people in the back and asked us to go riding around. We agreed and hopped in the back. I got sat next to Charlie and thought he was the weirdest guy I had ever met.(LOL)
A little over a year had passed before we would cross paths again. I was in band and our football team had won the game. A church was putting on a 5th quarter and Charlie just so happened to run the sound for them. While at the 5th quarter another mutual friend of ours, Tiffany, introduced us(I never even realized it was the same guy) and we all hung out.
Time passed and we would see each other here and there up town and around events. He was too old and he had a girlfriend anyway.
The next school year we started seeing more of each other. Another mutual friend of ours, Misty, invited me to See You at the Pole. Charlie just so happened to be there and he sat with us. That night he invited me to go a football game in a nearby town with him. I agreed and asked my mom. She said that it was ok, but just as friends because he was too old for me.
Charlie came and picked my up and we talked on the drive there. We talked, cuddled and flirted at the football game (all the while he had a girlfriend I didn't know about. We talked to the pastor of the curch that Charlie worked for (I'm sure he wonder why Charlie was there with me) and some of his other friends. That night I realized that I really liked him, but figured nothing would come of it since he was almost 6 year older that me.
Charlie then started showing up at all the football games and events. He would sit by the band stand and talk to me during our breaks. He even would come to my house with my friends and I after the games. Well, then I got really sick that fall and missed 2 months of school and almost all of the games. When he couldn't find me at the games, he asked a friend of my where I was. She told him that I was sick. They left the game and came over to my house. After that night, Charlie would call me everyday on his lunch break (sometimes even come by) to check on me.
He started showing up at ball games( A friend of his invited him to go). Charlie started showing up to more and more of them. He would sit by the band stands and talk to me on break. (All the while he still had a girlfriend I didn't really know about).
One day while I was at school, Charlie came to my house and talked to my mother. He asked her if he could date me. (Yes, he had gotten rid of his girlfriend) She agreed. Wednesday Nov. 10th, 2004, We were sitting in the driveway after church and he asked me if I would be his. I said yes and that is where our story begins.

About me

Hello Blogging World,
My name is Ivy. I am a 21 year old mother of 2 children on Earth and 2 in heaven. I have been married a little over 3 year to my wonderful husband, Charlie. We live in a small town in NE Oklahoma. I am trying to start college online for photography and my husband is currently enrolled in classes for Internet Security Systems (Computer Hacking).
I decided to start a blog to tell my story and to also keep my family and friend updated on our lives. I hope you enjoy reading as you embark on the journey with us.