Thursday, June 23, 2011

Having a Rough Time.

Today has been a day full of crying and melt downs (and not from my children). It's just been one thing after another. If it isnt bad enough that I am constantly worrying about money, because we are struggling in that area right now, things in my apartment start falling apart on a daily basis.

Today it was a big leak under the kitchen sink. Charlie went down to the office to tell them about it and about all the other stuff that still hadnt been fixed and how the maintanence men never fix anything and just tell us not to mess with it. The apartment manager pretty much called my liar on that and told him they would be down to fix it. I guess it made her mad because later today she came down to lecture and threaten me with eviction and DHS. That is the short of the story. She said some pretty nasty stuff. It really upset me and I am still at the very angry point. You DO NOT threaten me with taking away my child. They are well taken care of and loved.

Sorry for the rant. I just thought that if I wrote it out and got it off my chest, it would help me calm down some.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not A Good Blogger

Wow, its almost been a month since I last posted. Everything has been going good here. Just staying busy. Where to start?

At the begining of June I helped my friend with her wedding. I did the photography for her and a friend and I made her cake. I also made her wine glasses. It was pretty. I already have another wedding booked for Nov. I am going to do the photography and my friend and I are going to make the cake and decorations. I am excited! We are thinking about going into business doing wedding planning and decoration. We will see!

As far as the family, we are doing good. Charlie is busy with work and I am busy with kids and projects. Baby # 3 is doing well also. We had a 3D ultrasound on Sat and it turns out ther e baby is a GIRL! Her name will be Gabriella Harley (Harley is after my friends little girl who died of Apler's) and she will be here the end of Nov.