Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Settled In...

We are slowly getting settled in. I am really liking it here so far. We have slowly been getting the things we need and it is starting to feel more like home. Now all that is needed is some friends.

I do miss my church family back in Vinita though. I am really hoping we find some down here that are as encouraging and on the same path we are. I think we are going to check out a few church's around here Wed night and Sunday. Pray that we find one we like and that will help us grow.

Charlie has been at his new job for about a week now. He says that he likes it. It hasn't been quite what we thought it would be, but hopefully it will slow down soon. I know that it is a great opportunity for us and there is plenty of growth room for him in the company. I just would like to have my hubby home before 8 pm. I think once they get some more help in the company it will happen.

The kids are starting to get settled here also. They are beginning to get on a good schedule. Well, Amelia is. Eli is still having a hard time with it. He will get it soon. We are trying the potty training thing also. Since we have moved he has used the potty at least one time a day. Hey, at least it is a start!

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  1. Happy your getting settled and keeping you in my prayers.