Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The New Year...

It has been quite eventful already. New Years Eve we went to a friends house and ate and watched the ball drop. Then we played The Newly Wed game. It was pretty fun actually. Then on the 1st Eli ran his head into a desk at a Verizon store and game himself a nasty bump. Later that evening, Amelia fell backwards and knocked herself out. It was so scary. She stopped breathing, her eyes rolled back, and she passed out. We rushed her to the ER and she is fine. I have such clumsy children.

I said I wasn't going to do any resolutions, but I decided to go ahead with a few.

1. Read the Bible more
2. Eat healthier
3. Get the family on a schedule and in a routine.

Eli's 3rd birthday is tomorrow. I cant believe he is already 3. We took him to Chuck E Cheese tonight with my mom and little sister. My sister has to work during his party, so she wanted to do something with him. He had a lot of fun.

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  1. I bet that was so scary with Amelia! Something similar happened like that with my bff's DD. I'm glad they're both ok!

    I want to read the bible more too. And I could certainly eat healthier!