Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not A Good Blogger

Wow, its almost been a month since I last posted. Everything has been going good here. Just staying busy. Where to start?

At the begining of June I helped my friend with her wedding. I did the photography for her and a friend and I made her cake. I also made her wine glasses. It was pretty. I already have another wedding booked for Nov. I am going to do the photography and my friend and I are going to make the cake and decorations. I am excited! We are thinking about going into business doing wedding planning and decoration. We will see!

As far as the family, we are doing good. Charlie is busy with work and I am busy with kids and projects. Baby # 3 is doing well also. We had a 3D ultrasound on Sat and it turns out ther e baby is a GIRL! Her name will be Gabriella Harley (Harley is after my friends little girl who died of Apler's) and she will be here the end of Nov.

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  1. Congratulations on your expected baby girl! Sounds like the wedding planning is a great idea. I was reading your other posts about Joplin & I was devastated, too, when that happened. I feel so sorry for that town and its people and they are in my prayers.