Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am now halfway through my pregnancy. I had my anatomy scan yesterday and everything looked good. I am so ready for Nov. to get here so we can meet our little girl. Eli and Amelia seem to be getting more excited about a baby sister. They ask about her a lot.

As far as things getting better with the house...Charlie told the landlord not to bother me and to talk to him about any concerns. I haven't heard anything since. We are still looking to get out of here and are hoping to buy or rent an actual house. I would rather buy so our money is being put into an investment that we can do what we want with. We will see what happens. We have looked at a few houses, but none of them have worked out. We are thinking about buying some land and putting a modular home on it. I have started paperwork on everything and I am hoping to hear something back soon.

Family life...its going pretty good. The kids are getting too big too fast. They crack me up daily. They are so silly. I just wish they would get along more often than not. I guess thats just siblings though. Charlie and I are having a few issues, but they are nothing new and we are working on trying to figure those issues out. I think they are mostly me, but fixing it is the problem.

My birthday is in less than a week. I will be 24. We are going to try to go out and eat this weekend and I am hoping a few friends can come with us. Well, I think that is about all for updating. Hope everyone has been doing well.


  1. So glad your anatomy scan looks good! I know it is so exciting to look forward to a new baby. Hope all your problems work out. Everyone has problems that we have to live with. I always hand mine to the Lord and try to leave them there without taking them back (that can be hard!)

  2. Wow, hard to believe halfway! I think I would be ready for Nov to be here too! :) Hopefully it'll work out that you guys can get a house.