Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 1 of hubby being gone.

It wasn't too bad until night. During the day the kids and I played and kept ourselves busy. It wasn't really until bedtime that it started to bother me. After I talked to him and we said goodnight I cried myself to sleep. I hate being away from him. As for today, its not going so well. It started of good. We got up and went to McDonalds for a play date. Eli had tons of fun. When we got home is when it went down hill.
I got home and I had been served papers from the bank. They are suing us for something that is their fault(long story). We have tried calling them to settle it, but they would never call back. So, I called my hubby to tell him about it. After I tell him he precedes to get on to my for calling and using up his boss's minutes. Sorry, I thought he would like to know.
I'm just having a bad day. My mom and lil sis are back to staying with us for a lil while. They wrecked the car and aren't supposed to drive it. There goes the getting on my nerves and not helping clean part. ARRRG! Plus, everything I try to clean, my son decides to dirty what I just cleaned. Is the work ever done?
Thanks for listening to me gripe. I will let everyone get back to their own lives.


  1. It can be hard being away from hubs. (((hugs))) I think it is so stupid about the bank. They could at least try to be a little more understanding considering it's their fault!