Friday, September 11, 2009

I Love My Crazy Life.

Wow! Since hubby has got back things have been crazy! Lets start at the begining.
Hubby got back late Friday night. On Saturday, my mom watched the kids and hubby and I went out on a date. We went to dinner and a movie and then to hang out at a friends house. On Sunday we stayed at home and reaarange furniture. Sunday evening we went to church and then Bible study. Monday we went riding with my mom and little sister to Eureka Springs, AR. It is beautiful over there. ( I will post some pics later) That was the weekend.
Early Tues. morning, about 4 am, Amelia woke up and when I went to make her a bottle and changer her, I notice a big knot on her head. As soon as the docs opened I called and they got her in. The doctor wasnt sure what it was, and sent us to the specialist that looked at her hemangioma. That doctor wasnt sure what it was either, but he was worried about her cheek. They are gonna have it removed on Oct. 1st. We decided that the knot still bothered us and that when hubby got off work, that we would take her into a bigger town to the ER. We got there and 8:30 and didnt leave til 1:30 am. They did CT scan, xray, and a flu test. Turns out she has Sinutitis and that the knot was fluid filled. They said that she must have bumped her head on the bed sometime in the night. (It has went down quit a bit already)
Wednesday was pretty uneventful and yesterday my friend came down to hang out. We had fun as always and Charlie fixed our car. Yes, my car is finally fixed!
What a roller coaster of a week, huh? Told ya it had been crazy.


  1. Glad you got to go out on a date. That's weird she got the bump on her head. She must've hit it pretty good? Are the local docs gonna remove the hemagioma or are they gonna send her to a bigger hospital?

  2. She is gonna go to a bigger hospital.