Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and Other Stuff

Well since I last wrote we took a vacation to MO, to visit some friends. It was a nice time away and to relax. We really needed that.

Charlie had and interview at the hospital, here in town, on Thursday. It went well and we should know something this coming week. I have mixed feelings on him getting this. It would be great if it pays more and gives him a more structured schedule. The only thing is, I want to move out of this town and if he gets it, we will be stuck.

We took the kids to the mall on Friday to do their thing. It was way too crowded and Eli was not a happy camper. He didnt want to keep his hat on at all. We wound up leaving early and not even making it half way through. Here are some pics from that:

Last night we went door to door in the neighborhoods. That went a little better, but Eli wanted to be held the whole time. Talk about an arm killer. They looked so cute though. Here are some of those:


  1. Glad you had a good time with friends. Hoping he gets good news with the job. I understand the idea of being stuck. Feels like me right now.
    Looks like Halloween was fun and the kids were sure cute. Jennifer my 5 yr old usually complains about being tired but this yr since I have Carly she never complained. :)

  2. logan was exactly the opposite! he wanted to run the whole time!! lol! they both look sooo adorable in their costumes!!

  3. Well, I hope the job will pay more. That sucks that you'd be stuck though if he got it. Kyndra didn't go to many houses. After a few she just wanted to eat the candy!

  4. Really Really cute costumes!!!! ADORABLE kids!!!