Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He is always on time..

God's timing is perfect. I am so gratful for all the trials I have went through in the last few weeks. It was a rough journey and I hit pretty low. I clung to God and prayed like crazy. Just when I was about to go through with something I knew he was calling me to do, something I really hated to have to do, he opened a door for us! Can you guess what?
Charlie got the job! We are moving to OKC on the 10th of Sept. I am so excited. I think it will be great for our family. I think it is just what we need to help us to continue to grow. It is going to be hard to leave our church family and friends. The kids are going to miss their granparents also. Luckily it will only be about 3 hours away so we will still be able to come back every once in a while.

This just goes to show that if you follow His will and praise Him in the storm, he does come through.


  1. Yes , God's timing is perfect sometimes. I'm happy for the job and the move. It will be nice for you all to just have family time together.
    Praying for all things to keep going well.