Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back From the Docs

So, I went to the doctors yesterday. They did the normal yearly thing and took 6 vials of blood for testing. She is pretty sure I am not ovulating. They are testing my hormones, thyroid, and I dont know what else. I have been put on Provera to start my period back up, since I am on day 53 with nothing. The doctor said the wasn't too worried about it, but she wanted to check everything out just to make sure since I had the IUD and problems with it. She also said it was a little problem if I wanted any more kids. She said I had a few options....that if we wanted more kids and anytime soon that she would give me Chlomid and see if we could get me pregnant. We would also see if that straightened me back out. If we were sure we didnt want more kids for quite a while then she would do other things, but we wouldn't be able to conceive for a while. We decided on Chlomid and trying to get pregnant. If I do get pregnant, and it doesn't straighten things out afterward, we will go from there. I should also know something about the test results in a few days. (If anything comes back abnormal) Please pray for us as I start this medicine. It is all new to me and kind of scary.

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