Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trip To Joplin

The trip there and back was adventurous to say the least. The turnpike to Joplin was closed due to debris still being on the road. We had to take the back roads. Well, with all of the rain NE Oklahoma has gotten, a lot of flooding has been going on. We didnt have many problems until we got to Seneca, MO. It was like a raging river there. Everything was flooding. (They wound up having to evacuate. )

Once we got to Joplin, we found the place easily and dropped off all the supplies. We then followed traffic and wound up in the middle of the destruction. It was so heart wrenching. I just wanted to get out and help. It made me sick to my stomach. I had been to those places so many times in my lifetime. We quickly got ourselves back out of there so that we wouldnt be in the way of emergency vehicles.

After we got out of there, we headed back. We were able to take the turnpike, but the flooding was getting close to the road. I just made it through Vinita, to pick up my car, and back towards Tulsa before roads in Vinita started to flood. The had to evacuate a few places also.

Please keep Senca and Joplin, Mo along with Vinita and surrounding areas in your prayers. More severe storms are heading our way this evening and more flooding and tornadoes are likely.


  1. Such devastation. :( I pray that they don't get hit by more.

  2. Praying so heartbreaking </3