Sunday, January 24, 2010

Amelia's Appintment and More

We drove down to OKC Thursday night after Charlie got off work. We stayed the night at a hotel and got up at 6 am Friday morning. We arrived at the OU Childrens Hospital and didn't have to wait long. They took us back and got her weight and everything. Then they tried to put the IV in. The stuck her 4 times and still didn't get it. Her veins blew every time. They had to bring an ultrasound machine in to get it.
After that, they took her to the MRI room and put her to sleep. About and hour and a half later the came out to get us. We went back there and my poor baby girl was peacefully sleeping. She woke up and was a little woozy. They said everything looked good and that we didnt need to come back until Jan of next year.
After the appointments we drove to UCO in Edmond to meet up with a friend. We all decided to go get some lunch. That was a fun and refreshing time. We hadn't seen her in a few months. Then we loaded up and headed toward Enid.
We got to Enid and visited my cousin there. He has bone cancer and we were waiting for the results. They hadnt came in, so we visit for a little while and headed back.
When we got to Tulsa we decided it was time for dinner. Since the kids had been good and kept up in the car or a place that couldnt run around, we decided to take them to Chuck E Cheese. They had a good time.
We got home about 1 am Sat. morning. Slept in until about 11am. We called about our house and that is going to have to go on hold. Too much is going on with our credit that we are going to have to get figured out. It is also keeping us from getting a car. It is bumming me out a little, but we are just going to have to get everything figured out.
Well, that is about all there is to tell for now.


  1. Glad the appt went well. Also glad you had a safe trip. Sorry to hear about your cousin having cancer I know how tough that is. Will keep him in my prayers and also pray for you guys and hope that things get worked out with your credit.

  2. Poor Amelia getting stuck 4 times! :( We (or I) really wanted to get a new house but we just can't with selling our house in this market. We would lose too much to be able to compensate. It's such a good time to buy too!