Friday, January 29, 2010

House, Cars, and Everything else...

Well we decided not to buy a house. Its just not going to happen for us at this time. We did find a program through the Cherokee Nation that will repair a house or rebuild it if there is too much damage. Since the house was ours, just not in our name yet, my mother in-law is in the process of getting that switched over now. We will either have a new home or a fixed one in the somewhat near future!
We weren't able to get the mini van I really wanted. We looked around and found a older one that is still in pretty good condition. We got an '01 Chrysler Town and Country. So far I love it. Its so much roomier than the little Taurus we had. It also doesn't vibrate as bad.
As far as the whole credit mess up, we are still working on that. We keep getting the run around from everyone. As far as our lawyer is concerned, it is not our problem. He sent them a check and received a letter saying everything was in good standing. We will see.

For a Family update:

Elijah: Eli is doing good. His terrible twos have really kicked in and his temper tantrums and not behaving are really getting him in some trouble. He also has quit an attitude that doesn't help. We are still trying to get him to use the potty. Not working so well. I think we are going to try to get him a little seat to put by ours. Right now we just have to toilet adapter thingy.

Amelia: Millie is doing great also. She is getting so big and learning so much. She now says momma, dadda, and hi. I think she has decided she doesn't want to walk anymore. We haven't been able to get her to take anymore steps. Oh well, she has time.

Charlie: Charlie is working working working. Seems like they have a lot of projects going on at work. He has also been doing a few side jobs here and there. He is also trying to get enrolled back in school. We have to get some thing worked out with financial aid.

Me: I am still in school. It is going pretty good. Other than that I keep busy with the kids, running errands, and KGB. I am thinking about taking up a job at a place I use to work. They are hiring for a house manager and also in the house a friend works at. We will see.


  1. The house program sounds like a good one and saying a prayer for everything else. Kids sound like they are doing great. Good Luck with the potty training. Have a great day.

  2. sounds like a good deal with them coming in and fixing the house you already live in.....I hate moving! I hear ya on the T2s, Rylee has a temper on her as well. GL with the potty training

  3. That's seems like a pretty good deal for them to fix up your house. We have a Town & Country and we like it. I can't remember what year it is but we're gonna run it til it won't run no more!