Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jobs, House, and other stuff

I have a few "jobs" now. Nothing big. Just something to make a little extra cash. I am now maintainign my mother in-laws Etsy shop. You should check it out. BlingStuff is all hand made jewelry.

We got some news on the fixing up of our house. Nothing to get excited about. All they told us is that they are out of money and wont be able to do anything again until after June. I guess that is not too far off, but I hope they do something soon. I still have mixed feeling of whether I would like it to be fixed or torn down and a new one built.

So in my last post I said we were going to go visit my friend Amber in June. Well that has changed. Its seems something comes up everytime we try to plan to see her. Charlie's boss wouldn't let him take his vacation time, so we are now going to try to go up there the middle of July. I really hope it works out. I need to get away for a while and I think she could use the visit also.

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  1. Sorry your plans changed to see Amber again. Hopefully July will work out!