Monday, May 10, 2010

Ready for a change

I am so ready for a change. Trying to get my mom a place keeps running into dead ends. I dont know where to go next. We have got to have a house to ourselves though. If not, I'm afraid it will wind up causing major strains on our family. We have no privacy or alone time. Hopefully we can figure out something soon.

We have been busy with the house and things. Mowing the yard is a full days work alone. Plus we are trying to get it looking better around here. We still haven't heard anything back from the Indians. I am starting to get annoyed. I will be calling tomorrow. I need to know something.

This weekend was fun. I had a pretty good Mother's Day. Saturday we drove to Springfield, MO to goof around and take my mom out to dinner. It wound up being prom there and very busy. Sunday we went to Charlie's grandmothers and hung out for a while with his mom and brothers. Then we went to Tulsa and had dinner out. It was a good day. Would have been even better if the kids would have minded any at all.

How about an update on all of us....
Amelia is doing good. She is getting so big, too fast. She is talking some now. Nothing much yet. Her new favorite thing to do is make a squishy face. She thinks that is hilarious. Elijah is talking more and more. He surprises me sometimes. We got him a swimming pool and he is pretty excited about that. Charlie had a heart monitor put on the other day. We will know some more about the results next month. I hope they find out what has been going on the last 4 yrs. As for me, I wish that my body would decide to work right. It has been 10 months of being late and not knowing what is going on. This month has been the worst. It feels like someone is stabbing me in the stomach and back every time I sit up. I have been checked for cyst and all was good. I think I am going to go back though. I just feel something is wrong.

Oh by the way! We are trying to go meet Amber again. I really hope it works out this time. We are supposed to go the end of next month. I can't wait!

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  1. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping something works out right soon.