Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today was pretty uneventful. My mom came and picked Eli up last night and he has his first sleepover away from home. That was nice. I didnt have to get up at 8 with him. Charlie went to work as usual and Amelia only woke up every once in a while for a bottle(So, I got to kind of sleep in until noon). Around noon I got up and ate some lunch. Then I decided to read. I have began the Twilight series(since my computer is broke). So far I really like it. I read until about 4, when my mom brought Eli back home. Charlie came home around 5:30 and I made supper. This kids and I played and Charlie did his school work. See what did I tell you, pretty uneventful. LOL

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  1. That's good you kinda got to sleep in! I don't think I remember what that's like. lol Oh, I love Twilight!! You should read The Host after that series. It's very good too!