Monday, June 15, 2009

The Story of How Charlie and I Got Together.

Charlie and I met through mutual friends. My friend Amanda was dating his friend Chisolm and we would all meet uptown and hang out. At the time I was 15 and in high school and Charlie was 20(almost 21). We were up town and Amanda and Chilsom had gotten into a fight and Amanda was hanging out with me. Chilsom pulled up in his truck with about 11 other people in the back and asked us to go riding around. We agreed and hopped in the back. I got sat next to Charlie and thought he was the weirdest guy I had ever met.(LOL)
A little over a year had passed before we would cross paths again. I was in band and our football team had won the game. A church was putting on a 5th quarter and Charlie just so happened to run the sound for them. While at the 5th quarter another mutual friend of ours, Tiffany, introduced us(I never even realized it was the same guy) and we all hung out.
Time passed and we would see each other here and there up town and around events. He was too old and he had a girlfriend anyway.
The next school year we started seeing more of each other. Another mutual friend of ours, Misty, invited me to See You at the Pole. Charlie just so happened to be there and he sat with us. That night he invited me to go a football game in a nearby town with him. I agreed and asked my mom. She said that it was ok, but just as friends because he was too old for me.
Charlie came and picked my up and we talked on the drive there. We talked, cuddled and flirted at the football game (all the while he had a girlfriend I didn't know about. We talked to the pastor of the curch that Charlie worked for (I'm sure he wonder why Charlie was there with me) and some of his other friends. That night I realized that I really liked him, but figured nothing would come of it since he was almost 6 year older that me.
Charlie then started showing up at all the football games and events. He would sit by the band stand and talk to me during our breaks. He even would come to my house with my friends and I after the games. Well, then I got really sick that fall and missed 2 months of school and almost all of the games. When he couldn't find me at the games, he asked a friend of my where I was. She told him that I was sick. They left the game and came over to my house. After that night, Charlie would call me everyday on his lunch break (sometimes even come by) to check on me.
He started showing up at ball games( A friend of his invited him to go). Charlie started showing up to more and more of them. He would sit by the band stands and talk to me on break. (All the while he still had a girlfriend I didn't really know about).
One day while I was at school, Charlie came to my house and talked to my mother. He asked her if he could date me. (Yes, he had gotten rid of his girlfriend) She agreed. Wednesday Nov. 10th, 2004, We were sitting in the driveway after church and he asked me if I would be his. I said yes and that is where our story begins.

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