Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Children

I remember the day we got the news...We were pregnant!
It was Wednesday July 12th, 2006. Charlie and I had been married for a total of 4 months. I told my hubby I thought I was pregnant and that we should get a test. He said no that we should wait another week. Well, I talked him to it anyway (I am very impatient). It immediately turned bright pink. I ran out of the bathroom so excited! The next day we went back to our hometown(we had moved to Tulsa at this point for school) and went to the doctor's office to have it confirmed. Sure enough, We were going to have a baby. We told his parents that night and told my mom the next night. Everyone was so excited. On Sunday morning, I started to have some cramping, but no bleeding, so I called my friend (Who worked for an OB.) and asked her what I should do. She said that I was probably dehydrated and that I should drink some water. The pain started getting worse and I started to panic and guzzle down the water. My mom was so excited that she was going to have a grand baby that we went to Wal-Mart to look at baby clothes. While we were there the pain intensified and had me folded over. I told my mom that I thought something was wrong and that we needed to go to the hospital. She said ok and we stopped by hubby's work to tell him what was going on. While there I went to the bathroom and looked down and there was blood everywhere. I started to bawl. I knew what was happening. I came out and told hubby that there was blood everywhere. My mom reassured him that everything would be ok and that if we needed him we would call. We left and headed to the hospital an hour away. When we got there, they got me in immediately. They doctor checked me and said that my cervix was open and that I was in the process of losing my baby. I thought to myself "I am not 'losing' my baby, he/she is dying". I was so scared in that hospital bed. All I wanted to do was call my husband, but they wouldn't let me get up. I felt so alone, angry, and sad.

We tried again for another one and it took 9 months of test after test and disappointment. On May 7th, 2007 that we were pregnant with Elijah Lee. I was so excited and scared all at once. We went that evening to Planned Parenthood to have it confirmed and it was positive. We called our families and told them that night. The following day we went back to work, only to find our hapiness was dented. We both got layed off from our jobs. We tried finding work, but there wasnt any. We had to move back to Vinita and move in with parents(really sucks after having your own freedom for a while). After a while Charlie's parents offered us a house the owned. It needed a lil work, but wasnt too bad. Well we had a huge ice storm that winter and it busted the lines from the house to the creek(where the water came from). We got that fixed and everything was going good. Well, then about a week later, all the pressure from the new pipes causes everything uinder the house to break. Back into the parents house it was. It was two month before Eli was due and we lived with my mom, had no baby bed, and very little space to put one. We finally cleaned out a spare room at moms and got a bed and put up before Eli came. On Wed. January 2nd, I went to one of my last apppointments. My blood pressure was high and I had started swelling. The doc was worried and put me on bed rest and wanted me to come back the next day(after a 24 hr pee test). Went back to the docs Thurs. the 3rd and my blood pressure was still high. The doctore comes back in and says that I am going to be induced at 5 am on Sat. the 5th. I get to the hospital Friday at 3pm. They hook me up to everything and start me on thinning meds. At 5 am Sat. morning they start the pitocin. By 11 oclock I was still feeling nothing,so they checked me. I was still at a 2 and still as thick as when I was admitted. They uped the pitocin some more and at 2pm my water finally broke. I started gettin contractions and they gave me some Stadol. By 5 pm the Stadol had worn off and I was filling it. I asked for an epidural and I got that about 6pm along with a catheder. They checked me and I was at a 5. They came in again at 7pm and I was still a 5 and his head was starting to swell. The doctor gave me another hour to dialate and said if I didnt, that I would need a c section. Guess what? I didnt dialate any more. They prepared me for surgery and wheeled me in. At 8:44pm Elijah Lee Welch was born. He was 7lbs and 19.3 in long. Elijah also had a little cone head.

Around May 10th we had a big surprise. I was pregnant again! I took a test and there was the plus sign again. Luckily by then we lived in our own little house( I didnt want my mom to know, yet). Went to the health department to have it comfirmed and it was a very light line. About a week later I started bleeding. Oh, no... Its happening again. I called my hubby at work and then called my mom to come pick me up. Charlie met me at the hospital and when we got in there they took some blood. The doctor came in a little bit later and said that I had no pregnancy hormones at all. That I probably caught my pregnancy at the end of a miscarriage. I was so upset. It happend to me again.

On July 3rd I still had not gotten my period back from miscarring so, I though I better take a trest. Lo and behold, another positive! Here I was again...ecxited and scared all at the same time. Scared at what the parents would say, that I would lose it again, and that we couldnt handle two little ones. Again we were off to the docs to have it confirmed. Yep, pregnant. Well, the little one bedroom house that we were living in was not going to be enough. We moved to a bigger house and got everything ready for two little ones. Everything with this pregnancy went great. We knew that we would have a repeat c section. On March 10th, 2009 at 8:25 am little Amelia Faith Welch was born. She was 6lbs 3.5oz and 19in long.


  1. Oh my, thank you for sharing your story. Sorrow, yet joy, kind of what I wrote about. Sorrow over your losses, yet the sweet joy of those precious children. I have an Elijah too, he is almost two years old. Your little Amelia Faith is adorable. I do hope, Lord willing, the next one is a girl, love those headbands!

    Thank you again, remembering with you!

  2. Miscarriage is very difficult to go through. I hope God brings you a little more healing this day as we remember our babies.