Saturday, June 20, 2009

Having No Computer Sucks....

Well lets see... What has gone on since the last post? Let see...Thursday was the same ole same ole. Charlie went to work and the kids and I stayed home. Plus my computer completely crashed. Friday was pretty fun. Charlie went to work, while I payed bills. Then when he got off work we went to Tulsa for an office party.(Nice break from the kids) Got some grown up interaction and ate some pizza. Today has not been very productive. We all slept in and then Charlie did his school work while I played with the kids and had them help make is Father's Day gift. We went ahead and gave it to him today. The kids and I made him a t-shirt that said "Father's Day". It had their names with their foot and hand prints.I am looking forward to tomorrow. We are having a summer party for all the kids whose birthday is around Christmas(They all get gypped) and after that we have Bible study. Well, that about all for now. Catch you later!

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  1. Eeek, seems like a lot of people's computers have been crashing lately. Good thing I backed up my pics not too long ago!