Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Left Out and Not Wanted.

Have you ever felt left out and like your not really wanted? That is exactly how I felt a week ago Sunday.

Let me start at the beginning.(Or somewhat the bargaining.) My moms house was getting foreclosed on and my mother in-law agreed to let her and my little sister stay at the farm house. I knew that was going to be a bad idea from the beginning. I was right
My mom had my uncle mow the yard out there with the tractor. We a few weeks later my brother in-law went over to the house to look for something and when they came back they said that my uncle had ran over the doors. I told them I didn't know anything about them and I didn't want in the middle of it. Well, the next day my mom came over and started complaining about it to me and was mad. Well guess what? I got stuck in the middle. This all leads up to last Sunday.

Sunday we were all supposed to get together for a big birthday party for everyone.(Including me) Since I never even got a phone call from anyone I figured that they would have cake and ice cream. Well I guess everyone forgot that it was my birthday also. No one said happy birthday or even really talked to me.

Then the guys went over to the farm house to check on tired. When they came back I over heard them talking about "Good thing they weren't stolen". That really upset me. My mom may have accidentally broke something but she isn't a thief.

Later that day all the girls(except me) went into the kitchen to look at jewelry my mother in law makes and sells. Everyone was offered a necklace besides me. Its not that I wanted a freebie. I probably would have turned it down anyway. It just would have been nice to be included.

The being stuck in the middle and left out thing still hasn't got any better and hubby just says he is sorry.


  1. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Hopefully someone will come to there senses and realize they are treating you like crap. I have been in your situation to many times and it is not a fun place at all to be. I found the best thing to do is not let them see that it bothers you but I found that hard to do too because it hurts like a breaking your heart hurt. I am here if ya need to chat. We are usually on facebook at the same times. Keep your chin up YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO ANYBODY and I guess all that can really be done is pray for the one treating you this way. I hope things get better for ya and soon.

  2. That is so unfair for them to treat you that way. So these doors were just lying in the yard? If they were so important they should've moved them. Who leaves doors just lying on the ground anyway? It was actually a nice thing for your uncle to mow. Were they even grateful for that? And your husband should be helping to work all this out.