Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My mind is reeling....

Every since I got that call last night from Katie my mind has been turning. I just keep replaying that phone call over and over. Then I think of all the things I should have said and it make me feel bad because I was nearly speechless. I think about how that could easily have been my child and how grateful I am to have them. Then all day today I have been trying to get flowers and money for Katie and respond to everyones questions.
On top of all this we are sick at my house. We are down with allergies. I am also stressing over school. My classes started last week and I don't have my books yet. Plus my hard drive went out on my computer. Its in the shop and I hope it gets back soon.
My mind is just on overdrive. I need to slow down and take a break. Maybe getting this out will help a little.


  1. I understand how you feel and I hope you get things worked out with school and computer soon. I was so shocked last nite when you told me and the chills I got and the tears thinking how can this be true she was starting to come around. I was at a loss at first when you told me and didn't even know what to type for sure. Thank-you so much for letting me know. Just take a break & I'll say a prayer for you. Thanx for being a awesome friend & also my children are excited about releasing some balloons even though they are sad at the same time that Harley had to go away. Take care & HUGS

  2. I know it's all a little overwhelming. You've done so much for Katie, Cameron, and Harley. Don't worry about the words you should've said. No words could have made it better. I'm sure Katie was glad that you were just there for her.

  3. Sometimes something as simple as "I'm Sorry" is all someone needs to here. There's nothing that can be said to make it better. I hope you guys get to feeling better soon and if you need anything I'm here. I know this has hit you harder than most of us other moms because you've gotten closer to Katie. Lots of hugs.

  4. I know how you feel about the "it could be my child". I live in a pretty constant fear that something is going to happen to Lydia. She is not allowed out of my sight for very long, and I have full blown panic attacks when she isn't home. To hear of Harley all of a sudden getting ill, almost killed me. All I can do is pray for Katie and Cameron to receive healing and peace , and thank God that I still have Lydia. If I lost Lydia, I'd probably grieve to death soon after. I don't handle loss well at all.