Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cant believe the year is half over...

Where did the first half of the year go? It has flown by so fast! My lil man will soon be 1 1/2 years old and Amelia will be 4 months. Seems nearly impossible!
As for the last few days. Not much new at all. I have been having really bad headaches and mood swings. I think I have even been verging on the edge of depression. I think I have found the culprit though. I think the Mirena I had put in after Amelia was born is causing. It is also causing to be overly tired and my hair to fall out. Not good at all. I think hubby and I are going to talk to the doctors about it coming out.
On a brighter note, I can't wait for the 4th of July! We are going to take the kids to Joplin,Mo to a concert and fireworks in the park. We went for the first time last year and had a blast. This year Eli will be old enough to enjoy it, I think.
Well thats about all for now.

The Welch Family


  1. GL with the mirena. The trip to MO sounds like fun! I am sure Eli will enjoy it this year. I remember when my nephews were little but finally old enough to enjoy the fireworks. They called in sky candy. It was so cute!

  2. The kiddos are getting big!! I haven't heard good things about that Mirena. I hope everything resolves once it's out.