Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Kiddos Doc Appointments Yesterday

Elijah has has around 6 ear infections since Christmas and Amelia has had a bump on the side of her face since three weeks., so the doctor sent us to an ENT. We had that appointment yesterday. They checked Eli's ears and said that he needed tubes, because all these ear infections could cause damage. Then they checked Amelia's bump. They said that it isnt affecting anything and should start to get smaller. They dont want to mess with it yet, because there is a tiny nerve that runs under it and if they cut it, it would paralyze her face. We have to take her back in 3 months and if it has gotten bigger they will send us to a specialist. Eli's surgery is set for August 3rd. Keep him in your thoughts that day.


  1. I will put that on my list for prayer. Hoping things turn out ok for both your children. HUGS & Prayers always

  2. I hope the bump goes down on it's own. Best to get the tubes than to have any damage. Even though it's usually a simple procedure it can still be nerve wracking for momma!