Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whats been going on?

Not a lot really. Lets see....Friday night Charlie, the kids and I decided to go to the drive in to see a movie. Boy was that a disaster.
We get there. Unload the kids and raise the back so that we can sit in there and still see the movie. All Eli wanted to do was crawl into the front seat and honk the horn and turn knobs. We finally got him occupied with the movie and ten minutes in, it went to another language and was flipped upside down. We waited and waited for it to get fixed, when finally a guy came around and said it may take all night and that we could get a refund. That was fun also. We loaded the kids back up and had to wait in a long line of cars to get to the ticket booth.
Saturday was my birthday. I am so luckily to have a few good friends and a great hubby. One of my friends drove an hour after she got off work. (at 8pm) to bring me a cake and hang out. We had a blast. Another life long friend came over and they took me out for a drink, while Charlie watched the kids. I can't believe I am already 22!
Sunday was pretty uneventful. We went to the in laws (are usual routine) and hung out for the day. The kids played with their cousins and Papa. While the adults sat around and caught up.
Monday was just like any other Monday. Charlie went to work and the kids and I stayed home. When he got off work we went to church. It was very interesting sermon. They guy the wrote "23 Minutes in Hell" was there and spoke. I really enjoyed it.
Yesterday we did absolutely nothing. Just another boring weekday.

Well I think I have got everyone caught up. Tomorrow Eli goes in for preop and they will tell us what time his surgery is. Tonight Charlie and I are gonna go out with a few friends and have some us time. I don't really know what is going on the rest of the week. I think we have a bbq to go to on Sunday to celebrate my lil sisters birthday and then Sunday cake and ice cream to celebrate mine and my father in-laws.


  1. Happy Birthday Late & it does sound like you have been busy. Praying for Eli & hoping things go well. Wow sounds like my luck if I went to a drive-in & something go wrong. I hope you have fun tonite we all need some us time. Have fun at the BBQ Sunday too.

  2. That's crappy about the movie. At least the offered a refund. Glad you got to spend some time out on your bday. I've heard of that book and wondered if it would be a good one to read.

  3. Holly,
    I never actually read the book. My hubby did though. They sermon was pretty good, but there was a few things I was kind of sceptical about.